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Crescent House is the shape of things to come

Crescent House: The Shape of Things To Come

Sometimes, a building does the hard work for you; Crescent House – our recent 8,000 ft² build for a major Middle Eastern oil company - is one of those times.

Crescent House is the ultimate example of Edwardian elegance; from its exuberant, eclectic façade, ground floor central staircase with flankling crescent-like walls and manor-house style entrance, to the arched windows and intricate external feature brickwork.

That said, for all its beauty, there were still challenges in the 22-week project – namely, how do you blend such neo-classical architecture with a contemporary working space and make it suitable for a luxury client?

The answer to that question is twofold.

Firstly, it involved very careful planning, bringing together a team of architects and highly-skilled designers, and ensuring every aspect of the build matched up to the expectations of a very high-end specification.

Secondly, it involved an innate ability to balance the old with the new – like how we restored the main entrance and accompaning fluted columns, reformatted the staircase to suit wheelchair users from street level, then finished it, inside and out, to its past glory, with a statement marble finish and chandelier. There is a vast difference in the approach to the main entrance and elegant fluted columns We took the link between old and new one step further too; the curved sickle shape of the marble staircase plays homage the inspiration behind the identity of the client, forging the name, Crescent House.

We are proud to have worked with such a prime historical building, and we’re even prouder to have given it a new lease of life for the future.